NIKE basketball shoes cultural history of the development of cultural -AF1 2006-12-22 14:17:04 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [source: Tencent] Print & nbsp; Close & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the historical development of Nike runs through a time applicable to any future truth: to create performance innovation, and technology to create accurate. Thirty years, Nike has always been committed to continue to create innovative products to improve the competitive level athletes. Nike, the innovation is not just to create a different product, but rather to better products. Before creating a new product, Nike will first analyze the existing products, but detailed understanding of the needs of sports products and services, targeted after the design work, the final completion of innovation. Throughout the product creation process, always with Nike athletes, sports and triggered Nike creative groups and cultural respect, it is this respect, so Nike constantly leap. There is always between Nike and athletes natural and long-lasting l cheap jordans for sale mens inks, this link with respect to the core, and through innovation to continue to strengthen. And that is when the formation of such a link? It is how to develop it? In fact, we have introduced such a link is set up sneakers, which have Bruin, Blazer, Franchise and Tailwind. But the most important thing is Air, with the Force of language to describe. In 1982, basketball reach the peak moment in history, while the requirements of basketball sports shoes also reached a new height, basketball, if desired innovation, visual effects and respect generated after the collision to enhance product. And 82 years is only the beginning: AF1 25 years since the advent of fully reflects Nike's love of sports and culture for 25 years and love the Nike brand has unbreakable link between the brand of athlete. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in fact, Nike's dedication to innovation and technology did not begin Air Force 1 basketball series. From the start of the first day of its establishment, it has been accompanied by two principles on the company's d cheap jordan shoes for men evelopment. But with the advent of AF1, Nike's goal is to further improve and get a revolutionary leap in product performance. This leap not only gives a whole new level of basketball, but also to promote the innovation and development of production of other sports, Nike products. Nike shoulder substantial innovation mission, which is for athletes and sports on the basis of a deep understanding of innovation, which is a prelude to the birth of Air Force 1. Through this sought after sneakers win, it creates a classic, as well as millions around the world to experience the wearer, you can really appreciate and understand Nike's commitment to product performance, it all becomes real , which is the basis for the birth of AF1. To commemorate all of this, we celebrate the advent of AF1 25 anniversary, let us remember that it traveled 25 years of innovation. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; designer Bruce Kilgore is the founder of Air Force 1 and Force series of other products, this product he designed both within and outside the basketball court, or the Retro jordans for sale court, have given basketball The new definition of the sport. AF1 is valuable treasures Kilgore's legacy is his great contribution to the fashion industry. And he did everything to follow on a simple principle: better performance. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Bruce Kilgore through but is fundamental perspective to deal with the actual design of shoes, and his basketball product design can first prove the product's features perfectly yet long fusion and fashion. With dedication to the details of the eyes and the soul of a traditional cobbler, Kilgore designed the Air Force 1, he uphold a concept: all the shoes can help improve the performance of things will be discarded. Facts have proved that this product was deep and delicate, yet strong and agile, modern but timeless. When Kilgore sat down to design this pair ruled the world for 25 years and even longer sneakers, his horizons far beyond the basketball player's dream, which is why he was able to create this world an unprecedented fine. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; from Bruce Kilgore sown the fi cheap jordans online rst seeds onwards, Air Force 1 on being deeply rooted in basketball. Was selected six basketball players to endorse this shoe: Moses ? Malone (Moses Malone), Michael ? Cooper (Michael Cooper), ? Jamaal Wilkes (Jamaal Wilkes), ? Bobby Jones (Bobby Jones) Mitchell ? Thompson (Mychal Thompson) and Calvin ? Knight (Calvin Natt), they are carefully selected defensive specialist, who will this basketball shoe to the world. Classic posters, hard-line stance, Malone and his partners show AF1 six elements of success: great, durable, and beyond, bold, consistent and pure. AF1 conquer the Earth! & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; To AF1 "from the soft wood into a solid cement" into the street from the stadium, we need another revolution. AF1 began just when the brightest stars in professional athletes, but soon swept the country. From the legendary athletes on the poster, to create the country's AAU basketball team basketball game, would have been to put it in a showcase of retail, AF1 has become a part of basketball culture, unprecedented, and no latec Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping omers. New York and Philadelphia essential for the success of the Air Force 1. I-95 highway corridor becomes as large Internet networks, passing the sports and cultural information, which was sent to the city every arena and neighborhoods. Baltimore past occupies a very special position. In Baltimore, there are three retailers called "three friends", after the Air Force 1 debut, they request re-launched the Nike Air Force 1 in 1984. Through innovative colors, Downtown Locker Room, Cinderella Shoes and legendary Charley Rudo's Sports captures Baltimore City Juvenile desire for fashion, help AF1 began a new journey. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; After the Air Force 1 rebirth and a place in the basketball culture, Force itself has become an important part of Nike basketball products. ? When Charles Barkley (Charles Barkley) will be unknown AF1 poster to a higher height, he is not just Force spokesman products, has become their pioneer. It is the athlete with their own personality and skills lay the Force shoes and sportswear status. & nbsp; & nbs Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping p; & nbsp; With the development of Force series, from AF1 to AF1 II and III, up to 180 (94 years launched Air Max CB2 it stems from this), they started more The more athletes to have a rebellious spirit to come together, and they are so close. Force swept upward trend reflects the Hip-Hop, and it flooded the mainstream culture's attitude is exactly the same with Charles Barkley. For anyone who has experienced the hard life of the people, Force product implied in the concept can be applied not only to the court, the same can also be brought into life. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Air Force 1 from the advent of the beginning, the people who love basketball showcase the essence of the sport, but also become an integral part of the sport culture. And 25 years after the advent of AF1 is a continuation of its legendary performance and classic style of 25 years, only those Nike imaginative, creative designers in order to do this, they not only committed to maintaining the soul of AF1 more It is dedicated to innovation. In 2007, Nike launched cheap jordans for sale a new series of Air Force 1, the characteristics of the original style has been refined, while Nike also launched Air Force 25, so AF1 embarked on a new journey. This basketball shoes, Nike designer Tracy Teague's masterpiece, not only into the same performance elements, while more closely with today's basketball. Air Force 25 also marks the birth of a new generation of Force attitude and fashion was born, is the link between the continuation of Nike and athletes, such ties not only with the growth of the sport, and with the popularity of basketball culture is constantly flourish . & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; year's hot products have become a real classic. Air Force 1 has been coveted by collectors, sports shoes lovers love all day long, and it eternal life in rhythm. No other basketball products have had so much love, has been elevated to such a height, or across so many boundaries, this is Air Force 1 basketball world in a unique position. AF1 not only belongs to Nike, it belongs to the basketball culture, it is a legend. & nbsp; & nbsp; Retro jordans for sale & nbsp; Nike's innovative design and technology to lead them to create a professional athlete who praiseworthy best basketball shoes, and people called it the most beautiful shoes. Real, rough, eternal and sincere, Air Force 1, Force and Air Force 25 represents Nike throughout uphold the conviction: respect for the glorious past, and create a bright future. It depends not only want to see the culture of the brand, but also to make it a part of the culture, into the athlete's desire and people's lives. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; no matter today or in the future, the Nike brand will always be the core of this interpretation of the movement: the pursuit of a better, chasing victory. Related news the world economy ended in 2011 fell 2.4 percentage points to 3.9%, 2012 or to the precarious. At the beginning of the year, IMF stood at the beginning of the new year, looking at the global economic growth of 3.3% in 2012, and 3.9% next year. After 3 months, the data was revised to 3.5% and 4.1%. In July, the data was re released to 3.5% and 3.9 Cheap air jordans for sale %. The already weak global economic recovery shows signs of further weakness. as an important part of the world economy, industrial production has not been spared. In 2011, the world's industrial production growth showed a quarterly downward trend, into the first quarter of 2012, the index continued to fall, especially in developed countries by the middle and low figures U-turn, down to the high number of negative. export, the first half of the national export growth of 9.2%, footwear exports reached 9.7%, the growth rate down 12 percentage points. In contrast, Italy footwear industry may be a little more comfortable, and their footwear exports in the first quarter grew by 3.5%, respectively, at -10%, but the unit price increased by 15%. As China's footwear exports around 80% for export, basically reflects the situation in China's footwear industry as a whole. Fortunately, since February, the cumulative growth rate of footwear exports picked up month after month. Please inform the friends, buy shoes to support NIKEFANS identification if or cheap foamposites ders of non genuine free replacement, or will not touch the truth * assumes assumes assumes assumes assumes assumes assumes assumes assumes assumes. Add: fake is a fake do not ask, can say to tell you, can't say don't ask this is for the sake of everyone assumes it assumes assumes assumes assumes assumes assumes. Assumes assumes. special supplement: be sure to reply to the consumer purchase area stores the link or the name stated, otherwise all titles, there is a misunderstanding please contact me.2015 global billionaires and the impact of weak mind us ordinary people! Of course, the gossip you still can not help to understand the eye. "This list just released Forbes" display, a total of 1826 people worldwide wealth of more than $1 billion! The network world's former ruler Bill · Gates, with a net worth of $79 billion 200 million, the sixteenth richest man in the world to win the throne. Chinese richest man Li Jiacheng this year net assets of $33 billion 300 million, ranked seventeenth in the world rankings. The richest man in mainland and Chinese characters are not listed companies after Ma, is still "national husband" father Wang Jianlin starring, with a net worth of $24 billion 200 million in the world rankings twenty-ninth. While the former to $22 billion 700 million of net assets ranked thirty-third. Our Jordan with a net worth of $1 billion for the first time into the list, ranked 1741st. In addition, Mexico Telecom tycoon Carlos · Silimu · hanging out with a net worth of $77 billion 100 million to become the world's second richest man, Warren Buffett with a total assets of $72 billion 700 million in the third position. The retail giant WAL-MART heir Christie · Walton net assets of $41 billion 700 million, is the richest woman in the world, ranked eighth. Facebook · boss Mark Zuckerberg; total assets of $33 billion 400 million in sixteenth. Nike President Phil's · and the Clippers owner Steve · Ballmer flat, with a $21 billion 500 million tied for thirty-fifth place. Snapchat founder, 24 year old Evan · Spiegel, as the world's youngest billionaire start empty-handed, $1 billion 500 million in total assets ranked 1250th. to the cowboy culture for the tone of the Amsterdam Tenue de N MES fashion shops; the planning of the cooperation projects a blue hand. They use the CONVERSE CHUCK TAYLOR ALL STAR 70s shoes as the creation of the protagonist, every pair of shoes in the dyeing of natural indigo dye, and then after washing and drying process, the ALL STAR 70s for each pair of light color and details are not the same. Tenue de N MES produced only 100 pairs of the limit; the following is a painstaking review of the dyeing process video. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] August 2013 the evening of 22 in the Sinan mansion, Nike hand in hand "ELLE Elle", inviting popular idol Jiang Shuying and dozens of young model and the Shanghai women's fashion at Nike's elite coach who led the challenge of 10 km night run. In Shanghai colorful night background, dressed in fashion, female runners who sporty Nike running equipment show a dynamic, confident side. This summer, Nike JUST DO IT brand summer activities for China's teenagers have brought a new movement inspired by it # # out slogans calling teenagers outdoors to exercise, to sweat, to 20:00 to 10:00 into a movement The prime time. Through training, play the best running condition. Nike and ELLE together to create a RUN as ELLE cool sports trip. Since its official launch in July attracted many fashion people sought after. Every time training, under the guidance of the girls Nike elite coaches through Nike Training Club programs enhance self and completed running training. 10 km challenge tonight is a hot spot throughout the journey, and in the next time, there will be two winners go to San Francisco to participate in October's Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco (half). At the end of the year, RUN as ELLE will eventually return to Shanghai marathon, let sports fashion until end of the year. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News, Media Partners: Apparel IT)